3 Must Have Kitchen Conversion Charts

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3 Must Have Kitchen Conversion Charts

The following conversion charts will be your most important tool in the kitchen, well besides your stove. You may or may not think you will need them,  but trust me…  print them. save them. bookmark them.  Do what you have to do, because once you have them you WILL use them.  I created these from convenient magnet charts I made a long time ago.

If you would like a collaged printable version or any edits to make it easier for you to print,  please use the contact form to send me an email.  I can edit these to fit on one page and even remove some color to save on ink!   OR just bookmark and come back any time you need them.

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Conversion Chart: Basic conversions that will come in handy if you are limited on measuring cups or spoons. Also if you need to convert to fluid oz. or milliliters. I use this chart a lot more than I ever expected I would.

Cup to Tablespoon Conversion Chart

Measurement Adjustments:  Got a recipe you need to cut in half or double?  Doing math while trying to cook can be overwhelming … who wants to do math when they are cooking? You just end up doubting yourself, adding more or less than you need and then screwing up your recipe.  Follow this chart-  it is 100% easier.


Measurement Adjustments - Half or Double a Recipe


Egg equivalents:  have a recipe that calls for 3 large eggs?  Only have small eggs on hand? Easy enough… just take a peek at this chart to know what you need.


Egg Size Equivalents


  1. I printed these and hung them on my fridge, thanks so much for making them!

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