Easy Pull-Apart Cake – A Great Alternative to Cupcakes!

This is an easy way to make a cake that requires NO slicing and is much easier than making and frosting a cake that is made up of a bunch of individual cupcakes stacked together.  Ours was designed to look like a snowball, but that “snowy” look is totally optional!

NOTE:  This actually makes TWO cakes!

Prepare white cake mix according to package directions.
Using two 9″ round pie plates, nestle 12 cupcake papers into each.
Fill the wrappers half-way with batter:

Bake according to box directions for a layer cake.  Once they start to barely brown, stick a toothpick in the center to see if it comes out clean – if so, they’re done! (I cooked these just a bit too long.)

Let the cake cool thoroughly, and then transfer to a serving plate.  It’s ok if the pieces come apart while you’re doing this – it’s easy to fit them back together like a puzzle.  Frost with your favorite frosting.


  1. I love this!! thanks for the recipe!

  2. this is a cute idea – something that would definitely appeal to little ones! It is fun to do something different, a pull apart cake is a nifty idea! It would be fun for a picnic table, and have a supply of napkins!

  3. Robin Wilson says:

    What a wonderful idea! I really love that this “pull apart” cake is easier to handle thus easier to serve! Not to mention that I can fit 4 pie plates in the oven. That would keep me from having to make four batches of cupcakes one at a time. I love anything that can save me some time!

  4. judy gardner says:

    what a great idea – and its so pretty!

  5. ellen beck says:

    Thaats pretty nifty and I like how it wwould be fun for kids to ‘tear’ a cake apart !

  6. Karen Glatt says:

    This recipe is absolutely amazing! I like that it is easy pull apart cake. I have never heard of this, and I want to make it because it looks delicious!

  7. I had never hear of Pull Apart Cake before now. I’m going to give my Mom the recipe. It looks delicious.

  8. nicole dz says:

    Since this makes two cakes it would be great for a dinner party or birthday. I would actually keep one and give on away. I love easy recipes like this. And the pull apart is great for easy cleanup to.

  9. Shannon says:

    This is so cool. What a great idea.

  10. Terri S says:

    This is so cute! Thank you for sharing.

  11. Julie Wood says:

    This is a very good idea for making a cake that pulls apart. I like the idea and would love to make this for my Dad’s birthday!

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