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Usually it’s only bad boys and girls who find a rock in their stocking on Christmas morning. But, there is one kind of rock that is perfect for GOOD boys and girls (or rather women and men) who love to cook and bake – The Recipe Rock.

Not surprisingly, over 70 percent of cooks said that they prefer using the internet over cookbooks.  If you print out those recipes for use in the kitchen, they can be a little unwieldy and get in your way as your trying to cook and may be hard to read when laying flat on the counter. That’s where the Recipe Rock can help.

This small 2-inch, sculpted, concave “rock” can hold up up to eight pages of printed recipes upright at the ideal viewing angle.  You just remove the metal ball from the magnetic rock, place the pages upright in front of the rock and replace the ball on the rock with the papers in between – super simple!  It also prevents pages from sauce splatters and dirty hands.  It can also hold those cherished old recipe cards you got from mom and grandma without getting any extra splatters on them.  At a $9.99 price point it makes a perfect stocking stuffer or gift for your favorite cook. 

I received a Recipe Rock to review and passed it on to my sister who is always cooking from internet printed recipes.  She was thrilled with it!  Not only does it make the recipes easy to read, it takes up so much less counter space than those pages sitting flat on the counter.  It’s design also blends nicely into the kitchen.  It’s small enough to be stored in a drawer, but it looks nice enough to keep on the counter all the time.

The Recipe Rock and other Architec Housewares products are available at Crate & Barrel and specialty boutiques

Reader Giveaway:  One lucky Thrifty Recipes reader will win their own Recipe Rock.   To enter, simply fill out the form below by 12/29/11.

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