Sara Lee and Entenmann’s Back-to-School Reader Giveaway

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It’s time to get ready for back-to-school and time to start thinking about some fun ideas for lunch boxes and after-school snacks. Sara Lee® Snacks and Entenmann’s Little Bites® baked snacks are ready to help with their ABC’s of Back To School campaign. In the video below, Kathleen Robbins, head baker at Sara Lee Snacks, Entenmann’s Little Bites is a full-time mom and shares with us how her family gets through the mornings with some tips and DIY homework helpers, the fun Little Bites Party Cakes Caterpillars and exciting Sara Lee Brownie Chocolate Chip Snack Kabobs!


We had a chance to try two of the newest creations from Sara Lee and Entenmann’s – both ready to be popped into a lunch box or enjoyed as a yummy after-school treat.

Sara Lee Brownie Chocolate Chip Cakes

Sara Lee has a brand new snack: Brownie Chocolate Chip Cakes. These fresh baked, individually wrapped snack cakes, are perfect for the lunch box. They are made with a double batter mix of brownies and the classic favorite chocolate chip.

Entenmann's Little Bites Party Cakes

Entenmann’s Little Bites are pre-portioned bite sized muffins and brownies and they now have a NEW flavor: Little Bites Party Cakes. These golden mini cakes are cute and fun with rainbow sprinkles. They can make any day a party! Little Bites is also hosting a “ Life of the Lunchbox” sweepstakes from August 1st through September 25th on the Little Bites Facebook Page.

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 8.31.14 PM

Reader Giveaway: One lucky Thrifty Recipes winner will win a back-to school prize package, valued at $60 – including: two boxes of Sara Lee Brownie Chocolate Chip Cakes, two boxes of Little Bites Party Cakes, three Sara Lee Snacks coupons valued at $4 each, three Entenmann’s Little Bites coupons valued at $5 each, one Sara Lee Snacks water bottle valued at $5 and one upcycled Little Bites pencil case valued at $10. To enter, just complete the entry form below by 11:59pm on 9/4/15. Good luck!


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  1. Ellie Wright says

    I would enjoy these after school with my boys.

  2. My kids would enjoy them after school.

  3. Margaret Smith says

    As an afternoon snack or when my kids come home from school as a snack. Thanks so much.

  4. Alyce Poalillo says

    I use them as snake foods late in the day when energy wanes.

  5. Shannon Baas says

    When I have the munchies at work.

  6. at anytime

  7. A mid day snack

  8. Stephen Saunders says

    I’d dig in just as soon as the box arrived… and I’d save some for later too. all that deliciousness… yum yum

  9. They’d be great for breakfast.

  10. In he afternoon watching tv.

  11. Tari Lawson says

    We would most likely enjoy them most as part of my son’s school lunch or for an after school snack.

  12. I think they’d be great to pack in lunches, or as an after dinner snack with coffee.
    Thank you!

  13. I would enjoy them as a snack after dinner… but I would send them with my kids to school too.

  14. Stephanie MacDonald says

    for me at anytime

  15. Erinn Sluka says

    My son loves the Snickerdoodle flavor-they would make a fun treat when he does something deserving for his lunch box

  16. They’d be my midafternoon pick me up after a difficult day!

  17. Denise Welch says

    I like to eat them for lunch.

  18. kim keithline says

    Either for breakfast on the go or late afternoon when I really have the munchies

  19. mary lee anderson says

    I would enjoy these treats during break time at work– they would go well with my coffee!

  20. natalia parry says

    My daughter and I would enjoy them on our trips to the park or library. We always bring snacks or get some from the little vending machines. This will be a lot easier and faster.

  21. as an afternoon snack

  22. Debbi Wellenstein says

    I would enjoy these snacks at bedtime.

  23. I would enjoy these treats as an afternoon pick me up at work.

  24. I’d keep a package in the car.

  25. Janet Woodling says

    Anytime of the day these would be good.

  26. Amanda Kinder says

    As a late night snack.

  27. I’m most likely to enjoy these treats with lunch or after dinner.

  28. Jessica To says

    I would pack them in my son’s lunches and take them to work for an afternoon snack.

  29. These would be an after school snack.

  30. I would enjoy these anytime of the day.

  31. my daughter would love these in her lunch!

  32. Nancy Marcho says

    I would enjoy them with my 3 pm coffee.

  33. a snack during my work day

  34. I would eat them at work, while our kids would eat them at school or at home when they get off school.

  35. I would enjoy them in the afternoon.

  36. I would bring these to work for snacking during the day.

  37. Susan Christy says

    I’d eat them as an afternoon snack.

  38. ELIZABETH C. says

    I’m most likely to enjoy them at work during lunch.

  39. In the afternoon

  40. Susan Hartman says

    I am always in the mood for sweets!

  41. As an afternoon snack

  42. Kimberly M. says

    I would most likely enjoy these snacks as an after dinner dessert.

  43. I like to take them with me on kayak trips. They are a special treat after a few hours of paddling.

  44. lonnie hutchinson says

    I would enjoy these snacks in the morning with my coffee.

  45. Kelly Nicholson says

    When you be most likely to enjoy these treats?

    i like them in the morning with me coffee

  46. I would send one of these treats in their luches

  47. Richard Hicks says

    Would enjoy these when kids get home and evenimg

  48. Patricia M says

    I would probably have them in the morning for breakfast.

  49. Brittney House says

    I would like to enjoy these after dinner.

  50. Danielle Marie says

    i would probably enjoy them most as an after school snack.

  51. Britty Brannon says

    For my midnight snack cravings!

  52. Layne Austin says

    As soon as the treats arrive, we will be enjoying them!

  53. Joan Kubes says

    We would have these any time. Would be a great after school snack!

  54. I would enjoy them as an after dinner snack.

  55. My family would enjoy these as an after school snack.

  56. These will go into lunch boxes for an end of meal treat!

  57. melissa Resnick says

    after school treat

  58. These would be great on an upcoming camping trip.

  59. greentopiaries says

    I would enjoy these treats as a dessert. Thanks for the chance! 🙂

  60. I would enjoy these YUMMY treats anytime!!! Plus I would give them to my grandkids as snacks when they visit.

  61. I think we would most enjoy them for breakfast(muffins)…or after school snacks!

  62. Becky Moore says

    an afternoon snack for the kids

  63. I’d have them as an afternoon snack

  64. Around 2 — my afternoon slump!

  65. Ann Fantom says

    If I won, I would pack these treats in my husband and daughter’s lunches

  66. Shakeia Rieux says

    I would eat them with my lunch,and as a late night snack

  67. tina reynolds says

    I would like as an afternoon snack or end of the day treat

  68. Early morning snack at work!

  69. Kim Henrichs says

    As an afternoon pick-me-up snack!!

  70. Sharon Kaminski says

    I would enjoy these treats after a meal for my sweet tooth.

  71. Dawn Monroe says

    I think they are great for lunch box treats and after school snacks.

  72. afternoon snack

  73. Mid-day is always a good time for me!

  74. Carol Nine says

    I would be most likely to enjoy these as a snack at work during break time.

  75. After school snack or after I eat lunch

  76. I think I would most likely enjoy the Sara Lee and Entenmann’s Prize Pack as an afternoon snack.

  77. I would eat them for breakfast.

  78. kelly tupick says

    I usually snack on these types of foods in the late morning to early afternoon.

  79. Kristy Wolfgang says

    I would have these for a special snack when I have my nephews over.

  80. Penny Snyder says

    I would enjoy these on break at work!!

  81. Sara Incandela says

    i would eat them every morning before work

  82. on movie nights with the family

  83. Karen Drake says

    We would enjoy them as an evening snack.

  84. samantha meyer says

    Either watching movies with my boyfriend or at my desk at work! 🙂

  85. They would be used for after school snacks with my grandchildren.

  86. Breanna Pollard says

    I would enjoy this at any time.

  87. Amanda Whitley says

    i would like them for on the go especially mornings

  88. Kelley Chapman says

    I would enjoy them after coming home from work and before taking the dog out for a walk.

  89. During a break at work. Morning break, I hope. The earlier the better!

  90. Carolyn Daley says

    We would probably enjoy these treats on my nephew’s birthday in a couple of weeks.

  91. They would be great on a road trip

  92. Francine Anchondo says

    I would it enjoy it at home for a snack.

  93. As an after work/school treat.

  94. Most likely at breakfast with coffee.

  95. Laurie Emerson says

    I would enjoy these as a afternoon snack.

  96. Peggy Rydzewski says

    Perfect size for a after school or work snack.

  97. Tammie Venne says

    I would probably use them for after school snacks for my girls

  98. This would be a good afternoon snack.

  99. I would enjoy these as a morning treat. Thank you

  100. At the park.

  101. Richard Brandt says

    I’d save them up for dessert…if I have the willpower.

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