Spiderweb Spookamole Recipe – A Fun Halloween Appetizer with Guacamole!

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spider web spookamole recipe

I love fun Halloween recipes. It seems like there are always lots of cute “sweet treat” recipes for Halloween, but not so many for “real” food.

So, that makes this Spiderweb Spookamole dip recipe extra special.  It can make the perfect appetizer for a Halloween party, or use it as a late night snack after an evening of Trick-or-Treating.

Thanks to Meagan from Sunshine and Sippy Cups for sharing this fun and easy recipe!

Spiderweb Spookamole Recipe - A Fun Halloween Appetizer with Guacamole!

Spiderweb Spookamole Recipe

  • Start with a big plate.
  • Shmear a layer of refried beans over the plate, stopping about an inch from the edges.
  • Mix up your favorite Guacamole or use this Spookamole recipe. Then spread a thick layer of guacamole over the beans.
  • Add tortilla chips around the edges, and layer with cheese, tomato, onion, and cooked/seasoned ground beef.
  • To decorate:  Fill a zip-top baggie with appx 1 cup of sour cream.  Snip a corner off the bag to use as a decorating bag.
  • Draw circles of sour cream, starting at the outside edge of the plate with the circles getting smaller as you move toward the center.
  • Use a knife or to make the spiderweb by starting at the inside circle and dragging the knife it outwards through the other circles.  Do this every inch or so through the whole thing, and you’ll see the web appear! Watch a tutorial at Spiderweb Cake Decorating
  • To make the spider, place a whole olive on your web and then add olive slices to each side for the legs. To make him extra creepy, use a small tube of red cake decorating gel to dot on two little eyes.

Spiderweb Spookamole Recipe - A Fun Halloween Appetizer with Guacamole!


  1. Such a fun way to present a basic guacamole dip recipe.

  2. OMG now that’s spooky! I love how using sour cream and guacamole and a knife can create a spider web look! And then the olive spider! Soo cute!

  3. ellen beck says

    Now this I really like- it gets away from the sweets, is good and good for you. Plus it looks great!

  4. This is so cool. Thank you for sharing.

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