Star Spangled Ice Cream Sandwiches Recipe

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Star Spangled Ice Cream Sandwiches

Summer is here and that bring the season for frozen treats!! For special occasions like family get-togethers or backyard barbecues, it’s fun to have some “semi-homemade” goodies that make the treats special, but still fun to make. To avoid the heat of warming the kitchen with the oven to bake sugar cookies, these Star Spangled Ice Cream Sandwiches start with store-bought sugar cookies. But, if you prefer homemade, you can bake up your own.

These patriotic treats are based on Captain America’s red, white and blue shield with a star at the center. Feel free to play with the icing and create any star spangled designs you would like!

Star Spangled Ice Cream Sandwiches Recipe

Bakery Sugar Cookies
Vanilla Ice Cream
Decorator Frosting in Red, White and Blue
Powdered Sugar
M&Ms in red and blue

Captain America Ice Cream Sandwiches Ingredients #HeroesEatMMs #CollectiveBias #shop


Start out by preparing the ice cream. Lay a sheet of wax paper on a cookie sheet. Using an ice cream scoop, place scoops of ice cream on the sheet. Place a second piece of wax paper on top. Use your hands to push down and flatten ice cream scoops. Return to freezer.

Captain America Ice Cream Sandwiches Scoops

Using the decorator frosting, pipe a shield design on each cookie. Start with a red ring on the outside of the cookie, and then a second red ring a bit farther in. Pipe a white ring between the two red rings. Fill the center circle with blue.

Decorating Cookies


Cut out a small star in the center of a piece of paper. You can print out the shield image above and use that star – it’s what I used for my cookies! Place powdered sugar in a small sifter, hold paper over your cookie, and slightly shake sifter to let powdered sugar fall over stencil. These are kind of “free form” shields, so it doesn’t have to be perfect!

Captain America Powdered Sugar

Let your cookies set for approximately 30 minutes or until icing has hardened. Then take two cookies and place a scoop of ice cream between them. Press red and blue M&Ms into the ice cream around the edges of your sandwich. Return to the freezer until you’re ready to serve.

Star Spangled Ice Cream Sandwiches Recipe


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    These are super cute! My son would love these, He loves Captain America.


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